Manning and the Spark of Peace

I just signed a petition to select Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. I am number 108,698. Follow the link below if you wish to be on the right side of history.

— Why bother?

As the visionary and political dissident William Blake once said, “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.”

Manning not only had the fortitude to stand up to the biggest systematic threat that faces our world today — the US military/intel apparatus and its slick jingoistic anthem of “US moral and political exceptionalism” played on repeat by media elites — in doing so he’s created a new paradigm of radical transparency in the face of tyranny that has caught fire and will continue to burn in the minds of others that demand liberty.

If Snowden blew the top off this thing, Manning was the incendiary spark, giving up his life, his happiness, his overall well-being for a cause bigger than himself.

Because of Manning’s choice to blow the whistle, this may very well be the beginning of the end for elitist crooks that cover up their toxic actions behind three-piece suits, prestigious oval rooms and rigged Nobel Peace Prize speeches which are riddled with conspicuous holes.. holes so fucking big you could fly a drone through it.

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