Counterspin: Ed Murrow meets Bill Hicks


Found a new news source, Counterspin, one that actually reports real news. Counterspin digs into issues with a critical mindset rather than posing as dutiful stenographer lapdogs for the suits on the Hill.

The mood is old-school objective, reminiscent of a black-and-white Edward R. Murrow sternly speaking into that enormous RCA 44 ribbon mic. But while the style is delivered in a deadpan, nostalgic low-key, the content is deceptively cutting and on-point.  There’s some serious swagger behind the newsy tone.

— Think of it like Ed Murrow meets Bill Hicks.

You might look at Counterspin as muckraking news that critiques the corporate media, putting a mirror up to their lackey-like ways. They cast a careful, critical eye on MSM and underscore the bright-line bias of their reports, which to the otherwise untrained eye can go unseen. For instance, in the segment linked below, they report how the July 30th edition of NBC Nightly News horribly mischaracterized one of the leaks which Manning had disclosed, and in doing so drew inaccurate conclusions that conveniently fit oh-so well with the Pentagon’s narrative. Manning, NBC reported, admitted to leaking the 2007 collateral murder video to WikiLeaks, the one where the Apache helicopter killed two Reuters journalists while injuring other innocent bystanders, including two children. But listen to how they spin the story:

“In a pretrial statement to the court, Manning admitted he leaked this classified video of an Apache helicopter attack in Iraq that killed a number of insurgents and two innocent civilians.”

Insurgents? There is zero evidence of there being insurgents. And there have been no official investigations into the matter; at least not that we know of. Furthermore, they failed to capture the entirety of what took place that day. After the initial attack, a Reuters van pulled up to rescue and take the injured people to a nearby hospital. They too were fired on. After the Apache gunners saw that children were injured by their gunplay, the gunner is heard saying: “Well, it’s their fault bringing their kids to a battle.” Lastly, there was a third strike as well, which was not covered by NBC.

So how does NBC know that the attacks mostly killed “insurgents?” Well, again, that was the Pentagon’s unofficial story before WikiLeaks published the video, as Dan Froomkin pointed out at Huffington Post.

Counterspin then ends the segment with a slight twist of the knife, for good measure:

“… In conclusion to the report, Brian Williams referred to the Manning trial as “a widely watched case.” — Not on NBC it wasn’t..”

Well, said Counterspin, well said.

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