Kafkaesque logic: detainees have been deemed not a threat to US security, according to govt officials, and so have been “cleared” for release; BUT most are from Yemen and, apparently, we don’t trust Yemen’s citizenry, aside from the fact we fund their Counter-Terrorism Unit to the the tune of 170 million a year in order to get the so-called bad guys.  And so, in the end, the detainees are cleared for release.. but only in a perfect world.

That is THE definition of fuckery.

And this is all because apparently the place that we shovel hundreds of millions of dollars into in order to help make it more secure and more safe is, well, not safe enough. Maybe we ought to give them billions, like we did Egypt for 30 years.. then maybe-just-maybe it’ll be super safe and the poor people that have ZERO fucking evidence against them can finally go home to their friends and families that have suffered in this limbo of justice orchestrated by political elites on the Hill.

FURTHERMORE — and this is where shit really hits the fan — we are the ones adding to this lack of safety. See, for example, the story of the al-Majala bombing by Jeremy Scahill of The Nation. In short, we bombed a small Bedouin village covertly via JSOC and then sent a cable to the Yemeni government informing them to release a report to the public saying “the Yemeni military was behind the bombing and that 44 terrorists were killed.” In reality, dozens of innocent men, woman and children were killed in the strike; we know this to be true via WikiLeaks. In other words, we’re bombing innocents and trying to cover it up by calling them terrorists, and the Yemeni government is playing ball. SO, all said and done, innocent detainees aren’t released because WE are making Yemen too unsafe and radicalized.

Kafka is rolling his eyes as he is rolling in his grave.

I don’t know about you, but if I were in the same position as Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, I’d prolly do the same thing.

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